Commercial Roof Repair in Austin

When it comes to commercial roof repair, choosing the right team is essential. At TGB Construction Resources, LLC, we work hard to complete roof repairs that protect your business, inventory and staff from harsh weather. We can also help you lower utility costs by improving insulation.

When you work with us, you can keep on doing business as usual while we handle the problems you face.

Call us at (512) 828-7447 for superior roof repairs.

Rapid Roof Repair With TGB Construction Resources, LLC

The sooner we get on-site to assess the roof’s condition, the sooner commercial property owners can breathe easy knowing their business has been fully returned to safety. Our certified, insured team of roof repair contractors will inspect every inch of the rooftop, no matter the material or style of the roof. Using our fantastic photo technology, we’ll uncover all damage and the degree of severity.

Qualified Roof Leak Repair

Punctures from foot traffic or debris, blown off top roofing layers, storm and UV damage, or improper original roof installation can lead to water infiltration and leaks. The most minor leak can shut down a commercial operation because of the immense scope of water and mold restoration. Avoid disaster by calling TGB Construction Resources, LLC. Our skilled technicians’ expertise and know-how make quick work of points of entry and all roof damage.

Our Roof Repair Service

Providing Austin businesses with the best customer service, techniques, and informed guidance has been our honor for years. We love impressing our clients with streamlined, organized, efficient worksites at great rates and services completed by professionals. When hired in the commercial sector, clients can expect:

  • In-depth inspection and assessment of roof’s condition
  • Consultation about the scope of repairs, best suited materials, and products
  • Detailed estimate
  • Effective project management
  • All required documentation for work to be onsite
  • Safety measures are enforced at all times
  • Precise work done to municipal code
  • High-quality repairs, products, and materials
  • Easy and open communication throughout and regular progress reports
  • Final walkthrough, full cleanup

Full-Service Roof Repair Company

Clients can count on us to deliver fantastic results, a roof restored to excellent working condition and years of problem free performance. Our service doesn’t have to end there - we are available for annual or bi-annual maintenance and roof management visits to keep the roof in its best condition, delaying the expense of roof replacement and the inevitable shutting down that comes with it.

Skilled Roof Repair Contractors

Repairs, maintenance, management, and still we offer more!  Commercial roof systems have many parts involved, and we’re adept with all of them. Now that we have an exact understanding of your roof, its parts, and what it needs, we are the best equipped for:

  • Adding skylights and/or solar panels
  • Installing green roofing
  • Emergency services
  • Transitioning to a new style (i.e. flat to sloped)
  • Roof coatings

Call Now for Commercial Roof Repairs in Austin

For warrantied repairs and guarantees on parts, give us a call today.  No matter what age or stage the roof is in, we will make that investment last longer.  Reach us at (512) 828-7447 now.