Kitchen Remodeling in Austin

The kitchen remodeling experts at TGB Construction Resources, LLC build unique kitchens tailored to the clients’ lifestyle. We strive to create a place they want to be, even when not cooking or eating. We believe all of Austin deserve this type of kitchen at the core of their home and work with clients of varying budgets to achieve their ultimate kitchen. For your kitchen remodel, call (512) 828-7447 now.

The Ultimate Kitchen Remodel With TGB Construction Resources, LLC

For some, the best kitchen remodel would involve us stripping the kitchen down to its bones and starting over from square one. Others are content in their kitchens but have one or two elements they wish they could change. Whatever side you are on, or anywhere in between, call us today so we can get started working for you.

Successful Kitchen Renovations

Organization is the key to success in kitchen renovation. There are many different parts of a kitchen, each as important as the last. They all deserve equal attention so they can come together to create a masterpiece. By specializing in all areas of kitchen renovation, we are able to deliver well-built, beautiful, personalized kitchens. These areas include:

  • Kitchen design
  • Custom cabinetry
  • Custom carpentry
  • Electrical, lighting, appliances, wiring for Wi-Fi, outlets
  • Plumbing, dishwasher hook up, sink faucet, island sink, pasta pot faucet over stove
  • Flooring, hardwood, bamboo, laminate, tile, marble, granite, concrete
  • Painting, wallpaper, wall treatments
  • Hanging shelving, cabinetry
  • Island creation, installation
  • Storage solutions, pantries

Organized Kitchen Makeovers

Having the skills kitchen remodeling companies need to work independently of subcontractors isn’t the only way we’re organized. The entire kitchen makeover process with TGB Construction Resources, LLC is a series of steps that, although potentially altered depending on a project’s scope, is essentially always the same. We work with you and support you before, during and after the work is done, in this manner:

  • Assessment: Learning about your likes and dislikes, your vision for the new kitchen, must-haves, preferences, and the way you like to use the kitchen
  • Consultation: Developing a 3D image based on your specifications that we can adjust until it’s exactly what you were hoping for
  • Estimate: An honest, detailed list of expenses and ballpark final cost
  • Paperwork: Contract signing, permit ordering, proof of our certification, licensing, and insurance
  • Demolition
  • New construction
  • New installations
  • Finishing details
  • Final walkthrough

Kitchen Remodeling Contractors

Throughout the project, our clients can feel comfortable asking any questions that arise and receive daily progress reports. We keep communication open to reduce their stress and keep them informed of precisely what’s happening in their home. We are as excited as they are for them to see the final product, a kitchen that will be usable in the exact way they want, well-constructed, full of modern conveniences even if not a modern style, and beautiful to boot.

Contact the Best Kitchen Contractors in Austin Now

That one-of-a-kind kitchen is within reach. The changes you’ve dreamt about, the ultimate kitchen space, all done to code and your exact specifications. Call us to get started now at (512) 828-7447.