Patio Construction in Austin

The hottest trend in home improvement is bringing the inside out - using your outdoor space as an extension of the home with a new patio. TGB Construction Resources, LLC patios are functional, beautiful, affordable, and reliable. Our professionals have the best patio construction techniques, from design to structural stability to efficient, successful builds.

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TGB Construction Resources, LLC: Your Responsible Patio Contractors

What’s worse than waiting all day for service people who were supposed to be there first thing? We value our customers too much to ever to waste their time like that. TGB Construction Resources, LLC patio contractors are always on time, always fulfilling our obligations and promises. Customer service begins with respect and reliability, and we can be counted on for both. Call us today!

Outdoor Patio Contractors

Having us view the area is the first step in a great direction. As much attention as we give the property, we provide the client with their every want. Combined with measurements, we assess the time, supplies, and labor a job requires. When we give an estimate, we don’t ballpark it and then run costs up. We respect budgets and strive to beat our estimates.

Hardworking Outdoor Patio Contractors

Once officially hired, our experienced project manager takes control of the situation. A client’s job is to decide on materials, layout, and product selection, and we can advise there too! We take on everything else, operating smooth and organized worksites from start to end. All permits will be onsite. All code and safety regulations will be followed. All structural posts will be incredibly secure. And the patio itself will be as ordered and built to last. 

Versatile Patio Construction Company

Our trained, expert, licensed, certified, and insured team of veteran patio construction contractors are so well versed in industry developments they’re able to implement every kind of patio, every kind of feature. Whether a minimalist or fully loaded patio is on order, we’ll deliver! Some of our amazing past builds include:

  • Front-of-house adjacent patio with a clear view (no railing required)
  • Back-of-house adjacent patio for entertaining friends and family
  • Restaurant outdoor seating
  • Quaint café patio
  • Fully covered patios for electronics and outdoor enjoyment during rain
  • Partially covered patios for shaded seating areas
  • Hot tub and pool patio surrounds
  • Patio with built-in seating, built-in firepit

Professional Patio Construction Contractors’ Wisdom

A patio’s purpose is personal to each household or business, but possibilities for the base are universal. There are many materials - each with its own price point, maintenance requirements, and aesthetic. Residents and business owners can tap into the fountain of knowledge housed in our patio construction company to get a full picture of:

  • Gravel
  • Pebbles
  • Rock
  • Stone
  • Pavers
  • Tile
  • Wood and wood composite
  • Brick
  • Synthetic materials
  • Mixed materials

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Challenge us with a complex patio idea or ask about the simplest patios in our repertoire. There is a patio to suit every client, every budget, and every amount of space. For real outdoor patio construction specialists, call (512) 828-7447 now!