Chimney Repair in Buda

Chimney repair doesn’t just maintain the appearance of your rooftop vent—it’s also an essential service for your building’s fire and air safety. A damaged chimney on a fireplace in use can pose a high risk to building occupants. That’s why TGB Construction Resources, LLC works hard to restore your chimney so you can enjoy cozy fires without fear of hazards.

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TGB Construction Resources, LLC: Your Skilled Chimney Company

With our chimney repair contractors on site, clients can rest assured that all their chimney and fireplace woes will soon end. Our skill, experience, and quick techniques solve every chimney-related problem to our client’s complete satisfaction and comfort. As a certified, licensed, and insured chimney company, we protect the home or business, client, and their finances. We’re happy to provide urgent repairs for situations that can’t wait, so call now for a no-obligation assessment on your chimney structure.

Expert Chimney Repair Contractors

To the untrained eye, it can be hard to tell when a chimney is in dire need of repair, so if something seems off, please call us for a professional inspection and assessment. We bring the required equipment to take photos inside the chimney and closely examine the rooftop structure. We’ll share our findings with you, showing you the pictures and explaining any damage in detail. We can quickly tabulate a repair estimate and usually complete the work on the spot.

Immediate Chimney Cap Repair and Replacement

A broken or missing chimney cap isn’t doing an essential job: protecting the chimney liner from debris, animals, and rain. A dysfunctional chimney cap can be hugely detrimental for anyone making a fire while unaware of a blockage, potentially causing carbon monoxide poisoning or a fire inside or outside your building. TGB Construction Resources, LLC can quickly repair or replace the cap on your chimney and prevent disaster at a very reasonable cost. 

Chimney Flue Repair Services

Functional flues seal heat inside the liner and away from flammable chimney materials. The flue ensures proper airflow in the chimney and keeps heat inside, making the most of the fire’s heat production. We provide professional flue inspections and regular maintenance to avoid fire hazards and keep your chimney functioning as it should. We can properly install a flue that fits as it should or repair the existing flue when necessary. 

Common Chimney Leak Repairs

Many of the calls we receive request chimney leak repairs. After all our practice, we can provide excellent chimney leak repair services. Less experienced chimney repair companies might struggle to find the source of the leak and prevent it from recurring, but that’s not the case with TGB Construction Resources, LLC. We’ll track down where leaks originate from, explain what caused them, and repair them in a way that lasts.

Chimney leak repairs may consist of any of the following:

  • Waterproofing brick chimneys
  • Installing a chimney cover
  • Sealing or replacing the crown
  • Replacing the chase cover
  • Replacing flashing
  • Filling cracks in brick, stone, or cement

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